The woodworking industry is a major employer in many of the Member States of the European Union. It provides jobs to about 2.3 million people in the EU28.

The companies within the woodworking industry are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, with only a few large groups. The total number of companies in the EU27 is estimated at 380.000 (including the furniture industry).

The woodworking industry, being an important employer in the European Union, faces an enormous challenge in these difficult times of economic crisis. Despite an unemployment rate that has never been higher in the EU, the woodworking industries have difficulties of finding skilled workers and attract them to work in a woodworking company. The sector also faces the changes in the demographic structure of society.


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This project has been run by teh two social partners in the Sectoral Social Dialogue WOod, being CEI-Bois and EFBWW. The project was co-financed by the European Commission

Demographic changes in the woodworking industry

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